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  2. You can claim prizes on the link below until the 19th July : CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account Congratulations to the 133 winners!
  3. Максимум, что я видела у себя на балансе - 13 лямов догов. Сейчас такая сумма - это несбыточная мечта) Можно много таких примеров приводить, что было бы если бы не это бы))) Теперь уже даже 100к не могу наиграть, максимум 80к и то сливаю в итоге.
  4. bet: 32,151,794,293 Bet: 32,151,794,293 placed by Ceastem1 on 19/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000000 7.2
  5. ✔️ 48.91 Bet: 32,151,364,520 placed by Angel1973 on 19/06/2019 Wagered 0.00004096 Multiplier 1.30x Profit 0.00001240
  6. 7.10 Bet: 32,151,102,411 placed by pfodo on 19/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000010 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000001
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  8. Blockchain is the most important thing in crypto world , it's the network that gives the value of BTC , all transactions are circulating and traced by the Blockchain so yeah it's even more important than the coin itself.
  9. Facebook always have a loop hole and our information is not always safe with it. It is so so annoying. There is no need for Mark to delve into the crypto world. He does everything solely for himself and trust me your funds will be monitored. All the transaction you make too will be monitored and that is not what the crypto world is all about. Overall, I don't think it is a great idea, and it will not be used by a lot of people because of the buts it comes with it.
  10. Def not , PD is company , making profit is its priority , even if they make some doantions to some organizations it's nothing compared to what they earn.
  11. У меня есть двоюродные сестры, которые как родные) Но всех двоюродных я не смогу даже посчитать, некоторых ни разу не видела))) То, что их больше 20 - это факт))
  12. Having a good reputation is a very good thing on PD. But I will advice if you have a reputation offline and not online. And if you want to have a reputation on PD, try and have it in the forum and not the casino. The casino is a bad place to have a reputation, because people always beg to have your money and your coins. They disturb you with a lot of messages and you don't have time to gamble. But there are so advantages to it too, when you go broke, you can decide to ask for help all around, which by the way is banned on PD. And you can also have a good relationship with the mods about and get away with some offences sometimes 😂🤣
  13. It is important, like pretty important. That is definitely the site that acts like the banking system of bitcoin. If there was no blockchain, how can you send funds? How can you track funds? And when you have issues with PD or other sites about crediting, how would you tell or show those sites that you have actually sent money to them? That's exactly how important the blockchain is.
  14. uang tidak bisa membeli kebahagiaan. Atau, kalau kata The Beatles, “ Can’t buy me love (tidak bisa membeli cintaku).” Ya, banyak dari kita yang bekerja lebih banyak daripada yang dibutuhkan. Budaya tempat kerja, jam kerja yang panjang, dan tempat kerja yang jauh dari rumah. Dengan uang yang kita terima dari jerih payah itu, bisakah kita bahagia? Jawabannya, ya. Banyak kajian yang menemukan bahwa uang bisa memberikan kebahagiaan. Caranya, dengan memberikan donasi. Donasi pun juga bisa membawa manfaat yang bisa membuat kita bahagia, lho. Muslim ketika beramal, maka harus memenuhi 2 syarat. Yakni, niat ikhlas dan caranya harus benar. Ketika syarat tersebut terpenuhi maka amal yang kita lakukan akan diterima oleh Allah. Sekarang ini orang tidak lagi peduli dari manakah hartanya berasal, apakah dari yang halal ataukah dari yang haram. Asalkan mengenyangkan perut, dapat memuaskan keluarga, itu sudah menyenangkan dirinya. Padahal harta haram sangat berpengaruh sekali dalam kehidupan seorang muslim, baik mempengaruhi ibadahnya, pengabulan do’anya dan keberkahan hidupnya. Di antara pengaruh dalam ibadah yaitu berdampak pada kesahan ibadahnya, seperti pada ibadah shalat, haji atau pun sedekahnya. Karena Allah hanyalah menerima yang thoyyib yaitu yang baik dan halal. nah, primedice seminggu sekali mengadakan charity atau amal. dari manakah dananya? jika dananya dari uang kekalahan semua user di sini tentu uangnya dari judi dan uangnya digunakan untuk charity. Survei menunjukkan bahwa populasi umum mendukung pendanaan amal, perawatan kesehatan, dan inisiatif penting lainnya melalui dana yang diperoleh dari perjudian. Bagaimana tanggapan anda?
  15. I roll at several times during the day, however I've noticed when I do roll a few times before bed, or when I just woke up, I generally do fuck up quite often because I dont focus. Perhaps cos im tired, or I set a goal and I wanna get it over with fast so I can get to sleep. Other than that, Never felt the urge that I had to roll no matter what. I still sleep like a baby
  16. Reputation gets you around. Like some mentioned here above. Are you likely to work together with eg. a carpenter if you see only bad reviews online. So yes, having a good reputation here will get you some nice friends here, and you can rely on them if u need some advice. However if you act up like a total douchebag, you wont get alot of friends here. Friends are always good to have anywhere.
  17. Ну как он больше не чем не обеспечен, а другая крипта обеспечена? Всю крипту контролирует рынок. И конечно есть компании которые их создавали вот они и контролируют. Крипта не может жить сама по себе, если бы такое происходило то давно мы не увидели на рынке не одной крепты
  18. Чтобы иметь лицензию, нужно обязательно оформлять ИП, а какое предпринимательство с криптой, не все же торгуют или майнят. Здесь еще больше вопросов, чем ответов. И, это, по-моему мнению, еще более худший вариант, чем прямое налогообложение. Уже ввели налог для нищих бабушек, которые пучок лука со своего участка продадут, отвалить государству они должны очень много за эту лицензию) Так что сильно то у нас не разбираются.. что, откуда и зачем... Еще и бонусы введут: настучи на соседа, у которого крипта и получишь копеечку))))
  19. Nowadays it's easy to find someone's reputation, good reputation, and bad reputation. Now, try googling your own name. What did you find? Are you satisfied with the 'self image'? As in the real world, everyone also needs to form their personal branding in the digital world. Even digital personal branding is now considered more important. Why? Because in the global economy, everything is related to digital. Many jobs are connected digitally. Google and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin have 'intelligence' in providing complete results about who you are, where you are, to what you do. Even more complete than a business card that only includes limited information on name, position, and contact number. This digital footprint ultimately shapes a person's reputation.
  20. Я, правда, один раз это было с 50к. сат. в стакане 360к. сделал. в дайс. Правда друг пришел и своей стратой мне 40 к. проиграл. Тогда я подумал, что хоть 320к. сат. нужно выводить, а не отбивать. Отбития печально заканчиваются. Лям не лям, а 500к. делать можно на легке.
  21. When you said Primedice is like Robinhood, I was think of the investment platform called Robin hood lol, not the fictional character. I can see a bit of collocation as you described though
  22. You certainly have heard of the Robin Hood. Robin Hood is a British folk hero who originated in the Middle Ages. According to most legends, Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire with his group called Merry Men. In the beginning, Robin Hood was considered an ordinary villain, but his character underwent centuries of change from criminals to a justice seeker and a person who fought for the poor. Beginning in the 16th century, Robin Hood's story began to mention his actions of stealing from rich people and then giving it to the poor. and for me Primedice is a Robin Hood. Primedice always organizes charities once a week to help people who are in trouble or organizations that are in need of donors for aid. if robin hood stole from rich people and gave it to the poor, so is primedice doing good from our losses? LOL
  23. Почему бесцельно? Можно на форуме пообщаться. При этом сатов подзаработать. Конкурсы нормальные, не сливные как некоторые были раньше. Вообщем мне нравится, а раньше как были сложные, я думал выполнять или нет. и только один выполнил. А на счет дождей то их мне уже давненько не давали. Даже не знаю где я повинился. Квест, а ты не знаешь условий получения дождей. Если знаешь то подскажи пожалуйста или ссылку сбрось в тему.
  24. Finally I got my lucky chance . From 1k coins Siacoin I got 16300 , 15300 I changed to btc which amounted to 547к satohi , 1k coins I left in the game and did also 2K but then I lost it . So I withdrawal 547k sat . Wave of green was cool , from 40 green beats on the roulette just only 3 was red . Made screenshots 40 bets , that's how it was :
  25. 48.91 Bet: 32,112,981,512 placed by zuxel on 17/06/2019 Wagered 0.00002100 Multiplier 1.06x Profit 0.00000135 19.84 Bet: 32,117,199,870 placed by zuxel on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00006700 Multiplier 1.06x Profit 0.00000432
  26. How much reputation you have gives you a better look of what you are dealing with on a daily basis. For instance i know that I am a piece of Primedice's heart where i am helping making the Forum a bit more alive. I always call out for People to join the Forum because i have the reputation on one of the most old school Primedice users. So i have the obligation on forcing everyone to see that the Forum and Primedice Casino is still great.
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