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  2. Itu di chat room mana kena mute gara-gara trivia agan davin 🤣🤣🤣 . Sebenarnya spam saat trivia itu tidak dapat di hindari. Apalagi yang pertanyaannya super yang mengandung jawaban lucu. Ini pasti sangat rawan.
  3. Hi Everyone , Rainbowsheep is back beaaaa !!! Streaming in few min Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/pdshinjo Join us for Giveaway. Leave your stake Username . New to STAKE? Join Now : https://stake.com/?code=StreamShinjo
  4. Serius agan Neo? baru tahu saya ini gan. Ini berarti Giveaway dari primedice ya? pantesan saja mereka sharing big win nya ya. Selain sarana promosi juga sebagai sarana untuk bagi-bagi gitu toh. Kalau belakangan ini gimana gan apakah ada pemain yang big win eth nya?
  5. Do you mean the local news channel in your country or is it an international news channel? If I am honest, it is very rare to watch news on television either locally or abroad, so I have never seen the news. I only see information from social media and Google only. More often in the form of writing or articles. If in my country it can even be said that there is absolutely no news on television
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  7. I used it once in a zurich coffee shop .... The conversion charges were quite high 10% ... Though it's just a coffee for 4 so who cares... I doubt people would use the card outside of atms for any major purchases...
  8. Maintaining an Excel sheet is a quite imperative for serious money makers ... Not only does it break down your goals in smaller achievements/setbacks but most importantly the discipline it inculcates is such a great bonus.... This habit is so underrated among highroller too who end losing up all their balance for lack of discipline... Maybe it's the dopamine game ....
  9. I have never seen anything bitcoin related on any popular news channels but only on the news channels which are unpopular and don't have that many viewers wish that those huge news channels also report about bitcoin for massive adoption of the coin.
  10. My beginners luck was in tennis with rafa Nadal .... Turned a 100$ into a cool 400 .... This is like such a rarity for Nadal is such a bull player , one wouldn't get odds like this him .... Now i have list more than 400 wagering in him .... Classic beginners luck they say....😂😂
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