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  2. Can be a good one. I will check it and try to invest if it will convince me.
  3. Han2x

    hold or sell

    Holding it a good thing to do. I think this is the start, and it will be like what happen before... Good luck to us.
  4. I agree with you @Noeprellik1. But I'm curious on how someone make it as a source of income.
  5. Gambling is risking. Betting small amount is never a risk. If you will not bet big you will never win big. You will need more time to earn some in small bets. Small bets is boring. It's not called gambling its killing your time.
  6. For me its dangerous when considered gambling as a work, which means you rely your source of income from gambling. Since we can predict the result of gambling and most of it depends on luck, I rather choose gambling just for game
  7. У меня тоже , но парой прайм дает поднять с 12к форумных сатох 2.4 ляма или с 800к депа 5.8 , надо волну просто поймать .
  8. hopefully it will happen. we as lovers of bitcoin expect the price to be higher and we all become rich people
  9. I think it is considered as work when a person only depends on gambling to support its needs. I have a neighbor who don't have job, but his family survived with what he earned from gambling. I don't know how it happens. It's impossible to win everyday.
  10. Wow! A million dollar price? Then you should invest now. We can never tell. But to reach that? It will be a long period of waiting.
  11. nothing knews han2x due to the charcteristic of the crypto specially the btc the great effect on the uprising and downrising of btc cause of its volatilty factor and also the supply and demand of said coins and knewingly there are only 21 million Bitcoins that can be mined in total and hoping so all of this can rally up the btc price at high
  12. Probably busy. But I think they are no longer interested in chatting because it will not give them profit. Try to tip two or more members or just win big and be on fire. I'm sure chat will be alive again... Tips and High Rollers makes chat box alive...
  13. I see Bitcoin at one million dollars someday. remembering that if a Bitcoin is worth a million dollars, then Satoshi is equivalent to the value of US cents.
  14. Today
  15. That's cool girl. You will surely have a lot of friends here when you got a lot of something. Try to tip some and when spammers notice that, boom! you got a lot of instant friends. :)
  16. It's been a few months not being involve in crypto business. I left crypto world a while after I got into a big real life problem. Bitcoin price dropped huge from almost reaching $20,000 down to below $5000. It's sad thing for me. Now I'm back trying my luck again. It's nice to see that Bitcoin price climbing back again. I recovered few and hoping to earn something again. I think now will be the rigth time. Maybe Bitcoin price will be going up more again up to more than $10,000 before the end of 2019.. What do you think guys? I need your opinion.
  17. Thank you sir steve Username: Alrose123
  18. For me yes God is good and can exist his my saviour and also he has a power dont regreat him because he is the only one knows of everything
  19. Every work activity that does or produces rewards is a basic understanding of work. Unlike professions, the scope of work is even narrower and not even too concerned with certain conditions such as mastery of knowledge and ethical discipline in applying skills and skills. Looking for professional and job differences is not so difficult. Based on more in-depth observations it is known that obtaining a job does not need a more complex educational background (theory and practice) and does not need adequate experience and knowledge. Examples of work are port coolies, computer operator staff, copier operator staff, laborers, gardeners, washing workers and so on.
  20. Thank you sir @Edward😘
  21. No, many people so busy doing task for the event or any giveaways
  22. Some chatters there are spammers!! I love to chat to get new friend that is very nice to talk to sharing of strategies
  23. Chat is not dying because so many player busy to play and gamble trying a luck there and hunt hehehehehe
  24. I tjink my high bet in bet is 0.001 ltc all in 2x i madw it and boom hit green hehehe to be double my amount bet
  25. I just started gamble last 2018 of february theres someone told me that in gambling can earn much hehehe thats why i try to start gambling hehehe
  26. Я в России , загранник вроде отправлял , так я давно получил мои монеты , поменял на сатахи 400к и набил пару лямов и успешно вывел на кошелек вне доступа .;
  27. I remember during my active time in PD. Chat box was so busy, words droppin fast, teasin, beggin and talking bout many topic. Aside from tips, topics like sex makes chats go crazy...
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