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  2. С момента появления темы я ни сразу въехала, что речь про 90%) Просто перепутала 1,01 1,1) Сразу подумала, как на 98% вообще можно что-то поднять, выдавало серию по нескольку красных подряд и потом еще раз пять по 1-3 через одну. И что примечательно, с другой стороны было тоже самое) На 90% бывает периодически очень не плохо, но тоже, конечно, как попадешь.
  3. Thx for giveaway, Ed. Good luck everyone
  4. Most hackers would not gamble on someone else's account, unless the balance is below the minimum withdraw level. I would assume that they would try to withdraw the balance as fast as possible, to avoid getting stopped during the process. It is all about speed for them.
  5. 92.02 Bet: 32,127,050,882 placed by Raketa26 on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00003400 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000035
  6. I'm not sure if it is true or not, but I heard Singapore was one of the first countries to open up to the possibility of accepting crypto payments. I believe some of my friends were talking about it some years ago, but can't remember for sure.
  7. I'm pretty sure some people I talk to in the chat are whales, I just don't know it. In terms of people I know in real life, not one. I actually know very few people who own bitcoin and are passionate about it.
  8. Сейчас это стало в порядке вещей, пусть даже не кватиры отписывают, но батюшки так и говорят в открытую, что обязаны им жертвовать прихожане) Рассказывает, как сложно им сейчас живется, что надо главной церкви отдавать 20000 в месяц и существовать на оставшиеся. Хотя какие пожертвования и так все платно и крещение, и венчание, и отпевание и т.д., да и торгуют не платя налоги золотом, серебром да всякой лабудой. И свечку у нас сейчас нельзя свою поставить принести, надо только у них покупать) Типа они же не освешенные) Там наверное на одних только свечках можно обогатиться.
  9. Yes, and his name is Eddie. 😅
  10. The only crypto some countries will accept is a crypto that they can track. If it is impossible to track, there is no reasonable Government that can allow it, because people will think those people in Government has ulterior motive in mind. Crypto and especially bitcoin gives way to corruption, because it is not traceable and so makes people in government and power very corrupt. They can easily transfer money to a guy in China and turn it to BTC. It is as easy at that in that level of Government, if it is accepted. If I find myself to be the President of a country one day, I won't use BTC at any level of Government or Public office, but the remaining of the people can accept and adopt BTC and crypto if they are okay with it.
  11. 19.84 Bet: 32,126,695,290 placed by Flanscaaa on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000001 48.91 Bet: 32,126,742,327 placed by Flanscaaa on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000001
  12. First and foremost, it won't happen, in the essence that, you 2fa or google authentication code won't make them log in into your account. Why are you thinking of something bad, Kate.? 😄 Secondly, if it happens, I will be indifferent about it. Because If I find out that they busted instead of withdrawing, I can start laughing. Because I will be wondering why they behaved like that. You know? It's kind of funny? Why would you bust instead of withdrawing? But after that, if I don't have my 2fa code, or if those hacckers break into the 2fa code, I will just start using Vault more often.
  13. I think there is no difference if someone busts your balance or just withdraws. Both would be a pain in the a**.
  14. You can already see them when you go to Transactions -> bet archive Already done. Click on the envelope
  15. Today
  16. я предпочитаю для игры использовать сатоши, ну или на крайний случай кефир, потому чтоэти валюты у меня имеют четкую привязку к реальным деньгам, и если у меня есть 100к сатошь я точно знаю что это 9 долланров на данный момент, так что мой выбор остановился на сатошах
  17. Hacking you guys know this term right ? Where some anonymous person just wants to have fun by hurting others reputation or doing something bad ? Well i was thinking since i have balance in my account and what if i do get hacked ? And instead of withdrawing the balance i had they would just try to play and bust it on purpose. What would you guys feel at that time ? I would be furious of course and probably use the vault quite more often if i have very very big balances . So tell me what would your guys emotions be when this would happen ( hypothetically). So would you be furious and quit or something else ?
  18. Government you know them and most of the governemnts like the big and well known countries governments are not accepting bitcoin or crypto and just want to ban them and they try their best to ban crypto in every sort of way. So i was thinking is there a government that in the future would force or make all their shops in their country accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Do you feel that any government would accept bitcoin or crypto soon ? Tell me which one would do so ? For me i believe that UAE would do so or well know as Dubai they might bring in and accept crypto soon enough.
  19. Whales we all know what they are . I am not talking about those sea whales lol but i am talking about the people who own a large amount of cryptocurrency to trade and they mostly control the market by making the price fluctuate a lot. They are totally anonymous as you all know but i have to ask have you ever met a whale in real life or do you know of a whale ? For me nope i have not met anyone yet or maybe i have and i dont know if they were whales :). So tell me if you have ever come across a whale ?
  20. oooo jadi nama akun di forum boleh beda dengan nama akun di permainan? baru tau. nah untuk yg no. 2, apakah boleh punya akun banyak ikut join d forum?(hanya di forum, tidak untuk bermain)
  21. 4.00 Bet: 32,123,844,835 placed by Alexandre12 on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000102
  22. 1.Nama akun forum bisa saja berbeda dengan nama aku yang ada di permainan.Jadi bisa saja anda sedang berbicara di chat room dengan akun "A" tetapi di forum dia mempunyai nama "B". 2.Bisa saja mereka mempunyai akun lebih dari 1 untuk bermain dan chating,sementara untuk di forum mereka menggunakan akun utamanya. 3.Bisa juga mereka menggunakan akun hanya untuk bermain di tantangan saja.
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