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  2. Я считаю что нам, чья доля в общей массе биткоина прото мизерная, сильно переживать по этому поводу не стоит. И при всем желании я если нашкребу 500к сатош и курс выростит, то это будет приятным бонусом, а никак не заработком. Другое дело те, кто торгует на различных биржах, тут уже нужно следить. А самое интересное, сейчас кран 1сатош , при курсе ~9к, а если будет 15-20к?))))
  3. 0.9 Bet: 32,100,711,411 placed by xlwinner on 17/06/2019 Wagered 0.00001552 Multiplier 49.50x Profit 0.00075272
  4. if it's my brother I will strictly forbid my brother to gamble because I am afraid my brother will become a gambling addict like me all day just gambling.
  5. Lol. I think I was here when all these were happening. You just have to take it with these people taht wants to step on your nerves. You are here to gamble, don't let allow anyone to fuck you up and make you lose distraction. He was muted for 48 hours and you are free from his disturbance. Happy gambling bro. Don't mind people in chat that the chances of meeting them is lesser that having 0.00 or 99.99 3 times on a roll.
  6. Очень мутная тема по поводу налогов. Кто ее будет платить? Кому? По какому курсу? В каких случаях? И где эта грань между налогами и конфискацией части твоих сбережений. Еще толком регулировать не научились, а уже мыслять о налогах. На текущий момент это невозможно.
  7. Lol. As a gambler, I think I love both, so far it involves winning some money. Live sport gambling is an example of the 2nd mode and it is a cool way to gamble. Betting on those cool matches and claim the money after 90 minutes. I can't wait for the introduction on stake in the next 2 months. I also love dice and Hilo, because I can see the results immediately. But still, sometimes it's just okay to feel the pressure for some minutes before you see the results of your gambling. That's another joy about it. The PRESSURE.
  8. I prefer instant because you know the outcome of your bet instantly, because you know your fate the minute it happens. I don't know of too many timer games, only sports betting, where you have to wait until the game is complete to know the outcome of your bet.
  9. Okay , i admit i am a troll. i also admit that i sometimes blur the lines of civility with my dry and dark humour and i apologise for that. To have fun in the chat without breaking the rules is an art in itself . But more often than not , primedice chat has a funny way of biting up the ass. Even though tagging is an eyesore but i couldn't help it in this case. Lol... I'd like to thank all the lovely support including @Dusan @Irena @Marija @Bojana.... They recognise fun but are strict nevertheless when it comes to implementing rules in the chat. I'd like to share this incident for everybody's amusement. Sai99 aka ssssss3
  10. Young people that have self control and can learn fast from others experience can gamble and not waste away. An older person might have a wide knowledge about gambling, because they always say experience is the best teacher. But these days, you don't have to learn from your own personal experience. You can learn from other experienced people. You are young or old, you can be better than anyone with self control, and not chasing loses.
  11. Ok so there are a lot of different game types in this online world but there are two which i have specifically gotten which have been voted like the top two best type of game modes. One is where you play and you instantly win which we're all know primedice dice game ( probably lose 😛 ). Another is where you play and you have to wait for a timer to end and then if you have been chosen then you win the price pool how much ever the pool was. These both were the ones which were like the top two game modes type things. So out of these two which one is your favorite one and why ? For me i like the instant one even if the prize is small i cant wiat for like 10 minutes 😛
  12. Roll 0.90 Bet: 32,100,338,197 placed by williamsh on 17/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000001
  13. Lol. Actually it is just prediction. None of them will be so stupid not to have the smallest in Bitcoin, because no one controls it and you are not right in your predictions. That's why it is called predictions. No one is not always correct, at least not everytime. There must have been so many factors for predicting like that though, especially with the way the World bank went hard on BTC and didn't want it to flourish or wanted to control the outflow and inflow of Bitcoin which is not possible. The BTC will still try it's best to reach the 10k hit point by the 9th month, but what about it's fate as the Year comes to an end. That's where my fear lies.
  14. So KYC we all know it it is called Know your customer which basically means you have thr ight to ask a customer for their ID just to verify them as a real person. And i was thinking why hasn't primedice introduced this yet ? Because there are a lot of benefits that KYC can provide : Beggars will be reduced Pm Loan askers will be reduced Advertisement bots will be reduced And mich more. In my mind , it is that KYC is bad and everyone hates it but Primedice introducing it could be a good idea in my mind and a good run towards it.
  15. It is really not easy to know when to stop. Some people stop too late, and then bust, and others like me stop too early, and earn less profit than I otherwise could have. So it is a skill I think that you can get better with over time
  16. So 2017 and 2018 was a pretty huge year for bitcoin because many things happened and a main thing which caught everyone by surprise was the price rising of bitcoin from like 100 bucks to 20000 USD whoch was a very very big climb many investors got rich and happy. And while bitcoin was at 20000 USD there were many speculators who said " Bitcoin will fall and this will be the end of it blah blah blah " . So we all thought yeah it might be when it reached 3000 USD but now it is at 9000 USD so where are those speculators now ? What do you think their emotions might be now ? I believe that they would be kicking themselves in the arse and just regreting predicting as a job anymore.
  17. Я теперь один выдыхаю дым. Мама, дома не жди - пропадает твой сын. Я теперь один выдыхаю дым. Буду вечно молодым. Буду пьяным и смешным. Verbee - Один
  18. To be able to balance gambling with personal life is gift and not everyone possesses it. Some people get lost in gambling that it affects their personal life and the way they think in general. As for me, I am doing great, I am a Masters student in my profession, I know when to start my project, and read. I know when to pick my laptop and read. I know when to pick up my phone and gamble away. I know exactly the time my girl wants my time and I should leave my laptop. It's hard most times, but that is when self control and discipline gets into play. Because without self control, you might not be able to achieve anything reasonable in this life. But with self control and discipline, You are not addicted to anything in particular. Addiction is a very very bad thing, and it can ruin a person's life and future.
  19. Ну стучать плохо вообще то)) Некоторые моды занимаются тем что читают иногда лог чата))) и могут так раздать мутов)))
  20. Ну да 5% норм , это не 12.5% как на скаме за обмен рублей на крипту ...ввела бы Дина рубли обмен еще было бы ваще класс
  21. Very good analogy. This life is a matter of choice, chance, and consequences. The 3 Cs of Life. Make good choices, so as to have a good chances and have a positive consequences. It is as simple as that. Gambling also is in the same form. Should I stand up and go to work today or just sleep and not do anything. I know the one you will choose, but what about as you are trying to go to work, a car hits you and then you have a spinal cord injury. 😁 That speaks a lot about choices and the consequences a person faces because of his or actions. So in anything you do, make good choices and make the best of it and also stand by it no matter the consequences.
  22. Когда целый день играешь в пд так и сны соответственно такие))
  23. Ясно но че уж с этим поделать....мб исправится когда нибудь) Но типо должны и он не отдает из за этого уже зашквар
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