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  2. wow ... 750 rolls in 99x payout and haven't found the green line ??? really terrible ... I did not think if it really happened .. I've also heard about it from a friend who first joined the primedice from me .. he also admitted that he had experienced it ... he hunted for payout 99x after he won the bet on payout 3300x .. but all the winnings he got on the 3300x payout vanished without remaining while hunting payout 99x .. almost 1000 rolls he hunted on payout 99x until his balance could no longer hold the red line that never stop ..
  3. Well, I had an account which I lost a year ago so I kinda left for a year, came back some months ago while I missed PD. I guess im a member since 2017 but just for a year.
  4. isn't primedice age older than stake ... how is it that more people first joined the stake than the primedice ... I myself know primedice first than stake ... and from primedice I know stake ... because it should be like that ...
  5. if that's the best for you, friend ... then do it .. because luck is everything in gambling .. indeed there are some people who make deposits little by little, because that way he can only find victory .. there are also those who make deposits little by little but always experience defeat .. there are many types of people in the world of gambling, and we cannot predict victory through the amount of deposits made ... good luck always with you, friend ..
  6. That's just crazy that people just don't realize that anonymity in Bitcoin just isn't all that anonymous any more. The amount of stupidity some people exhibit never ceases to amaze me.
  7. yupz ... many people feel that their lives have changed since they knew gambling ... there are those who have experienced destruction because they have always experienced strength in gambling, there are also those who say that their lives are much better now than they were before gambling ... the point is luck ... if a person is engaged in gambling, then his life will change for the better, many people misunderstand about gambling .. I think it's because the majority of people judge gambling by seeing bankrupt people, people people whose lives are destroyed by gambling ... this is the beginning of why gambling always gets a negative value in the eyes of some groups of people
  8. вопрос в том, какое минимальное количество эфира будет необходимо. может сделают такие условия, что простые пользователи пролетят мимо.
  9. конечно, обучаться можно и самому, но если вдруг при приеме на работу понадобится диплом, тогда могут не взять, даже если бы будете хорошим специалистом.
  10. It really surprises me that so many people have been on Stake longer than PD, since PD has been around much longer....
  11. а почему избегали такой рекламы? у вас было какое-то предубеждение против биткоина и чем оно было вызвано, если не секрет? )
  12. yeah ... eddy is indeed here and often joins chatting with people who play gambling .. I pay attention to that .. I also often get rain given by Eddy .. although eddy has a lot of money and has two very well-known online gambling sites, he is not arrogant, he is indeed a man who has a high brotherly spirit .. I salute to see mr. edward ..
  13. может просто не можете подобрать оптимальный вариант распределения средств при игре на догикоины? я тоже играю в биткоине, уже привык и вроде бы нормально распределяю ставки.
  14. That's the thing with 99x, it definitely takes patience and a decent bankroll. I have seen 750+ rolls without a win in the past.
  15. если бы объемы были ограничены, тогда можно было бы говорить о возможности роста цены. пусть не очень большой, но все же. а так только надежды на пампы.
  16. hunting for 99x payout ??? I personally have given up hunting with 99x payout, ... considering I was hit by a long red line when hunting 99x payout. around 300 more red lines I found on the payout 99x until all my coins ran out, I still haven't found the green line ... it was a pretty sad experience when I hunted for 99x payout ... and that was the last time I bet on 99x payout ...
  17. почему к зиме должен упасть курс? обычно в это время он несколько подрастает. да и халвинг будет все ближе.
  18. it's true ... the renewal program in primedice about affiliates ... as well as referrals ... I am tired of promoting this primedice to some friends and family to join and participate in the tarhan in Primidice ... but it is still difficult to invite some people to join primedice .. I am tempted to see the percentage offered primedice to primedice members who have active referrals ..
  19. чем дольше тянуть, тем потом может больше понадобиться денег )
  20. конечно, проверять обязательно нужно, потому что сейчас много сомнительных схем, а возможность проверить есть у всех, интернет под рукой.
  21. as you said, friend ... this is indeed a short-term strategy ... anyway, as far as I know during betting on several online casinos that use crytocurrency as a bet, there really isn't a strategy that can last long ... a number of strategies that I tried ranging from small payouts to large payouts, all will end up losing if used within a period of time that is long... I intend to try this strategy for approximately 1 hour. lose or win the answer is only at the end of the bet for 1 hour ... but ... I am still hesitant to try it ...
  22. штрафы могут быть гораздо выше заработанной суммы, так сказать, в назидание нарушителям. после этого желание работать заметно поубавится.
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  24. always think positive and try to recover defeat is the only best way to solve the problem, including the problem of losing in gambling .. I hope you quickly recover all the losses that you have experienced so far, friend ..
  25. Hey there mate. I honestly don't really see eddie here on prime dice. I think that only generally is for the sole fact that I mainly use stake. I do not really come on here often to be honest. I come on here most days but not everyday like stake. But, on stake... I always see him there. I always see him giving rains out, typing in chat, doing races and much more. He is probably just focusing more on stake at the moment. I don't know, But I guarantee he is trying his best to be active on both sites... ;D Have a great day
  26. Hey there buddy I mean... If we're talking about prime dice only... I definitely think it has not changed my life in any way possible. I however think that gambling in general has changed my life. I have made a lot of profit in gambling and not only that... I have met a lot and I mean a lot of friends through gambling. I met most of my closest friends through gambling. I just don't really use prime dice that much to say it has changed my life yet. But who knows? It could do in the near future!
  27. hey there byteking! I personally, think that if a friend sent it i would literally spam them as fast as possible saying ''omg'' or either ''are you sure''?. I would literally flip. I would be that shocked i wouldn't know what to do haha! If it was a random... I would literally give it them back if it was a miss tip. I don't care who it is i would for sure send it them back if they wanted it back. Have a great day
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