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  2. если бы объемы были ограничены, тогда можно было бы говорить о возможности роста цены. пусть не очень большой, но все же. а так только надежды на пампы.
  3. hunting for 99x payout ??? I personally have given up hunting with 99x payout, ... considering I was hit by a long red line when hunting 99x payout. around 300 more red lines I found on the payout 99x until all my coins ran out, I still haven't found the green line ... it was a pretty sad experience when I hunted for 99x payout ... and that was the last time I bet on 99x payout ...
  4. почему к зиме должен упасть курс? обычно в это время он несколько подрастает. да и халвинг будет все ближе.
  5. it's true ... the renewal program in primedice about affiliates ... as well as referrals ... I am tired of promoting this primedice to some friends and family to join and participate in the tarhan in Primidice ... but it is still difficult to invite some people to join primedice .. I am tempted to see the percentage offered primedice to primedice members who have active referrals ..
  6. чем дольше тянуть, тем потом может больше понадобиться денег )
  7. конечно, проверять обязательно нужно, потому что сейчас много сомнительных схем, а возможность проверить есть у всех, интернет под рукой.
  8. as you said, friend ... this is indeed a short-term strategy ... anyway, as far as I know during betting on several online casinos that use crytocurrency as a bet, there really isn't a strategy that can last long ... a number of strategies that I tried ranging from small payouts to large payouts, all will end up losing if used within a period of time that is long... I intend to try this strategy for approximately 1 hour. lose or win the answer is only at the end of the bet for 1 hour ... but ... I am still hesitant to try it ...
  9. штрафы могут быть гораздо выше заработанной суммы, так сказать, в назидание нарушителям. после этого желание работать заметно поубавится.
  10. always think positive and try to recover defeat is the only best way to solve the problem, including the problem of losing in gambling .. I hope you quickly recover all the losses that you have experienced so far, friend ..
  11. Hey there mate. I honestly don't really see eddie here on prime dice. I think that only generally is for the sole fact that I mainly use stake. I do not really come on here often to be honest. I come on here most days but not everyday like stake. But, on stake... I always see him there. I always see him giving rains out, typing in chat, doing races and much more. He is probably just focusing more on stake at the moment. I don't know, But I guarantee he is trying his best to be active on both sites... ;D Have a great day
  12. Hey there buddy I mean... If we're talking about prime dice only... I definitely think it has not changed my life in any way possible. I however think that gambling in general has changed my life. I have made a lot of profit in gambling and not only that... I have met a lot and I mean a lot of friends through gambling. I met most of my closest friends through gambling. I just don't really use prime dice that much to say it has changed my life yet. But who knows? It could do in the near future!
  13. hey there byteking! I personally, think that if a friend sent it i would literally spam them as fast as possible saying ''omg'' or either ''are you sure''?. I would literally flip. I would be that shocked i wouldn't know what to do haha! If it was a random... I would literally give it them back if it was a miss tip. I don't care who it is i would for sure send it them back if they wanted it back. Have a great day
  14. all of these memes are brilliant lol! I have had a look at them and they're so relate-able ;D
  15. hey there cntryboy! I have been on prime dice ever since the 23rd of march 2019. I am fairly new in all honesty. I am more older on stake. I have been signed up to stake for over a year now. I literally only found out about crypto gambling honestly,.. Around, a year and a half ago if that. Have a great day
  16. hey there paul buddy I mean.. I personally always deposit little bits at a time to try and see if i can get any luck. If I had 30$ i probably would do five dollars at a time. I think it is quite safe. I always tell myself too... Don't gamble what you can't afford. This is very important when it comes to gambling. But yeah, I deposit little bits at a time Have a great day
  17. I also don't use to be dicebot when betting ... hunting with payout bears are very vulnerable to defeat ... as if hunting in large payouts only hope for an uncertain victory .... I myself currently prefer to bet on small payouts. such as payout 11x ... payout 33x ,. if I hunt on payout 1000x or more, it can take quite a long time while now my busy life is increasing in real life .. however, I am also curious about the 9900x payout ... I would also like to try it with a rather large bet ... I hope I will be lucky one day to hunt for this last payout ...
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  19. wew... emangnya vip ada faucetnya ya? kok saya baru dengar tentang hal ini.... cara menjadi vip gimana itu? apakah dilihat dari wager atau giimana?
  20. in my opinion it is an unconscious compulsion, .. they come here just to try, and then they lose the bet ... then they come back and try to get back their lost money, but usually the more they lose their money for losing the bet, and eventually become addicted ... if read carefully and correctly understood the sentence above, it means this is a compulsion in gambling and continuing to revenge .. because of losing and ending up addicted .... yeah ... you are absolutely right and I agree with you ... in gambling it cannot be forced by anyone, playing gambling is indeed an option .. gambling is a will of its own .. there are some who are initially forced to play gambling, but not because there are other people who force themselves to play gambling, but because of circumstances that force someone to play gambling, especially its difficult economic factors ...
  21. given that coin bch was ranked second with the most expensive exchange rate in the world of cryptocureency, .. I'm sure that bch will rise again ... at this time it seems indeed still very impossible for bch to rise again, and it will likely be difficult to go back up to its previous footsteps ... but given that the owner of the bch coin is a prominent person and recognized for its reliability in the world of cryptocurrency, it should be the main consideration if this bch coin is not an easy opponent to just get rid of ... let's hope in the future that bch will shine again like 2 years ago ..
  22. The casino http://blackjack.fun is designed so that players can relax as comfortably as possible. Excellent navigation, usability, a large selection of slots - just a small list of the advantages of the resource. All this only emphasizes the reliability and serious attitude of the portal.
  23. kunal karla doing money laundering and selling drugs to federal agents in disguise. ??? hhahaha .... it looks like this guy is the wrong person ... why sell illegal drugs to security officers ?? Because of his involvement in narcotics, the other karla's mistakes are also increasingly apparent about money laundering involving cryptocurrency in Texas. in America it is clear that bitcoin is strictly forbidden ... because of this action, local governments are increasingly increasing their security against the circulation of cryptocurrency ... damn this karla ...
  24. Bet: 35,429,959,929 placed by sanshibuga on 25/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000400 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00004000 Bet: 35,429,960,363 placed by sanshibuga on 25/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000400 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00004000 Bet: 35,429,961,965 placed by sanshibuga on 25/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000400 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00004000
  25. It seems like they think that they will win, so they bet, if they think that they will fail or they think about the negative things about gambling just before betting, then they won't play gambling ... why ... because they have thinking that they will lose before betting ... so ... why would they play gambling ??? precisely because after they experience defeat, then they will think negatively about gambling ... where there are people who think about a negative risk before it happens, then that person does it .... it's wrong ... the truth is that after doing something (say playing gambling) and then losing, new negative thoughts arise ... You're right, friend ... they only think negatively after losing their way when betting ... they will start blaming other people ... blaming the gambling site, feeling sorry after experiencing defeat .. and so on ... negative thoughts start to appear unless one ... blames yourself ... this only happens to people who know self ... aware of what he is doing .. this is the nature of a pro gambler ... blaming yourself when losing a bet is the right step and that's a true gambler ...
  26. Bet: 35,428,402,309 placed by Byteking on 25/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,428,402,873 placed by Byteking on 25/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,428,403,365 placed by Byteking on 25/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000
  27. hahahaha ... you're funny ... how do you say that this coin xrp is a rubbish heap ... ???? even though many of them predict that the value of this coin xrp can be very high someday ... You should start to blunt this garbage pile (xrp coins) because I myself believe that the value of this junk coin can rival the value of ethereum and bitcoin cash ...
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