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  2. nice chatting giveaway, really good thinking Hui. i dont remember get any mute on chat hope that makes me good chatter sankasanka
  3. It is my first time to download the bot and i can't use it.. it says files are missing.. ill just read getting started maybe and comeback here if I dont get the answer lol i feel so dumb. or is there a video how to setup the bot ?
  4. bet: 32,322,575,973 bet: 32,322,576,035 bet: 32,322,576,104
  5. Update : both the bots developers have noticed this and fixed it you can find the news version on their resources forum thread or on that site good luck to all with the update.
  6. This usually occurs when there are updates with significant changes Maybe Dicebot did not work properly because XRP was added and Dicebot needs to have a code for every currency. Other than that I don't know haha. But when I downloaded the new update, it worked, but I cannot open my code file
  7. sorry... wrong quotes.... how can I delete this? 9
  8. Yeah, I thought so after reading @misamo comment about it. Can't believe I forgot about that. At least now there will be not need to have to convert any coins, since you'll be able to use ripple directly in the website to gamble.
  9. its nice to see xrp finnaly, i have talk about this a lot on chat months ago. Lots of ripple holders and players i seen some sites. Xrp value almost half dollar, can easly calculate how much dollar you gain. Seems stable pice coin for a while, banks want to use this for money transections for place swift.
  10. Probably he exchanged it so he miss typed or you miss understood what he said xD. Also this aint stage this probe dice so if you lost there maybe you can recover here good luck for your wins.
  11. Damn. Need to participate on forum first. Bbl
  12. E ai Luiz, vamos tentar criar tópicos por aqui também e animar o fórum br, abraço
  13. Please edit in your reply or your entry will not be valid.
  14. Ok so if I understand correctly, I choose number 33, and my forum post is:
  15. Yes,thats completely right! I will be posting numbers once all 40 slots have been filled.
  16. Can't think of cheesy introduction, but I have some names for special mention. If you've been mentioned please don't hate jamyr. I did it for the prizes, which I would share. Start this with this Stunna, Who created something more than a stunner. Which gave birth to chatters/gamblers/beggars. but Primedice, oh you're exciting as ever. To Turk0jan who first welcomed me, and to those who have been tolerating silly me. Talking to me like they are interested, But in reality they spam but to avoid being muted. To those players that are so generous, To the trivias/roll hunt done by Mods, Ultra,Lorca,Robear,Zoltan and Kristoffff Bloomy, TheFrog and the ladies from support. Thanks for making Primedice so much fun, Even when most of the time balance is none. I do chat more and play less, Don't blame me coz chat here is one of the best. I can't think more, vocabulary limited. Noob pinoy here...
  17. Ohhh I didn't notice that! I used to have XRP but I already sold them HAHA It's good to have more options such as these to avoid exchange fees.
  18. Yes, I deposited using builtin Coinswitch Exchange there.
  19. Oh yeah, I guess I forgot about that, whoops. Well, at least now on Stake or Primedice, there will be no need for that since both casinos will be accepting Xrp. Stake should add it in the next 2 days.
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