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  2. 10.02 Bet: 31,492,618,514 placed by chuichuitag on 27/05/2019 Wagered 5.00000000 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 34.98380000 10.10 Bet: 31,492,618,864 placed by chuichuitag on 27/05/2019 Wagered 5.00000000 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 34.98380000
  3. ga lah, yg pertama akun itu hanya akun yg di pake selama 3 hari, kalo yang sekarang akun sheenazbay, hanya 1 ini akun saya, baru bulan april joinnya, kalo untuk recover modal 0.05 btc sudah terocever, tapi kalo beserta profit 0.3 btc, belum sampe, karena harga btc udah naik, wkwkwk
  4. saya berminat sih buat kartu ATM nya setidaknya walaupun belum bisa mencoba di ATM nya saya udah punya kartu ATM nya (koleksi kartu ATM di dompet, biar keliatan bonafit, hehehehe). sapa tau saya ke Bali dan saya bisa mencoba bertransaksi di ATM bitcoin
  5. It is true, if the business is for people who do not know their knowledge, it can be said to be similar to udi people gambling. business is gambling if that's the way you do it. However, business is not gambling. Business can be predicted if you are clear in starting a business. For those of you who have dared to open a business, I thumbs up. But courage is not enough. You also need those whose names can master technology. Then you also have to have product knowledge. What you sell must be mastered. Suppose you open a workshop. What are the advantages of your workshop compared to other workshops in your city? Your workshop has advantages or not? Do you master the products that you market or not? If you do not master the product you are marketing, then why should I go to your workshop? I can go to another workshop. The workshop may be the workshop of your competitors that may have been longer, more proven, the service is good, the service is fast, the price is cheap. If you cannot overcome these advantages, how can customers from the workshop turn to your customers? That is why you have to master product knowledge. Next, build a distribution line, supplier base and customer base. so the point is the problem experienced by beginner entrepreneurs. Many beginner entrepreneurs don't have enough knowledge about the business world, but they dare to open a business without being based on the right experience. Finally his business went bankrupt.
  6. Agak ngenes juga sih bacanya, tapi kalau pun emang bener pengen recover kayae tidak dalam waktu dekat, agan energi harus sabar mengumpulkan. Tapi yang mau ane tanyakan agan energi ini sudah ada pengalaman dice sebelumnya? dan bermain dalam PO berapa mendapatkan kerugian sebesar itu? dengan DEPO sebesar itu seharusanya pengalaman dalam bermain dice sudah di miliki, meskipun bukan di situs primedice.
  7. 10.09 Bet: 31,496,980,903 placed by txtpocar on 26/05/2019 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00022410 01.88 Bet: 31,496,981,372 placed by txtpocar on 26/05/2019 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00022410
  8. Как говорится знал бы прикуп жил бы в Сочи
  9. Ну так же все рассказывал,кто то смеялся и не верил,большинство между прочим.Говорили ммм,мыльный пузырь.Многие кстати до сих пор и не знают о такой удивительной и феноменальной монете)Но когда биток как то вырос до ляма рублей,сразу начали интересоваться что к чему.Многие кому рассказывал о биткоине,до сих пор работают с ним и не плохо.
  10. Я давно оттуда хотел тоже сюда закинуть,писал не правильный номер кошелька.Но сейчас вроде все нормально,отправляю оттуда без проблем.
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  12. masih panjang juga profitnya di primedice, ada banyak tantangan itu yang akan banyak menarik para pemain baru jadi kedpan pasti akan tetap banyak pemain yang nongkrong di primedice , meskipun rb masih macet tapi masih ada forum yang bisa di ramaikan untuk dapat pengganti pundi pundi yang tertunda
  13. Very helpful and informative post indeed, @JohnTravel. I will say, that even say sometimes forget about the proportion of my bet size to the payout multiplier. Getting the combination of these two right is super important to allow you not to bust before you've given yourself enough rolls to actually hit the payout
  14. i prefer PD since a few weeks. stake is getting more weird
  15. for me there was never a reason to begg. When i have money which i can afford to lose so i gamble it. if i dont - i just dont gamble thats all.
  16. for me everythng started from the old csgo skin betting which isnt possible anymore.
  17. i guess i visit the site nearly daily ofc there are a few days where imnot here, but 5/7 days a week for a short time
  18. Hello! welcome here and goodluck! greets to the aliens
  19. i would love to see the option to increase betting speeds
  20. most of the times i just risk too much and end up with losing everything
  21. my highest win with a allin bet was like 0.05 eth on a x5 payout
  22. buat ane nonton streaming atau langsung di bioskop sih gak masalah yang penting mengikuti alur ceritanya jadi kalo di pas ngobrol tentang film tersebut kita tau dan bisa jadi obrolan gak jadi mati kutu deh
  23. gg etude, i saw a few of these lucky hits from you
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