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  2. Damn. Need to participate on forum first. Bbl
  3. E ai Luiz, vamos tentar criar tópicos por aqui também e animar o fórum br, abraço
  4. Please edit in your reply or your entry will not be valid.
  5. Ok so if I understand correctly, I choose number 33, and my forum post is:
  6. Yes,thats completely right! I will be posting numbers once all 40 slots have been filled.
  7. Can't think of cheesy introduction, but I have some names for special mention. If you've been mentioned please don't hate jamyr. I did it for the prizes, which I would share. Start this with this Stunna, Who created something more than a stunner. Which gave birth to chatters/gamblers/beggars. but Primedice, oh you're exciting as ever. To Turk0jan who first welcomed me, and to those who have been tolerating silly me. Talking to me like they are interested, But in reality they spam but to avoid being muted. To those players that are so generous, To the trivias/roll hunt done by Mods, Ultra,Lorca,Robear,Zoltan and Kristoffff Bloomy, TheFrog and the ladies from support. Thanks for making Primedice so much fun, Even when most of the time balance is none. I do chat more and play less, Don't blame me coz chat here is one of the best. I can't think more, vocabulary limited. Noob pinoy here...
  8. Ohhh I didn't notice that! I used to have XRP but I already sold them HAHA It's good to have more options such as these to avoid exchange fees.
  9. Yes, I deposited using builtin Coinswitch Exchange there.
  10. Oh yeah, I guess I forgot about that, whoops. Well, at least now on Stake or Primedice, there will be no need for that since both casinos will be accepting Xrp. Stake should add it in the next 2 days.
  11. Seuntjie has launched a new dicebot to accommodate this in Primedice, so if you are having problems, make sure you download the newest bot first, and only then if it does not work, ask for help
  12. Great work Seuntjie! That was fast! I remember when Bitcoin cash and Doge came out it took a while for you to fix the dicebot. Glad to see things being fixed quickly
  13. Yeah, I saw Josh in the chat a few hours ago saying he will roll out a fix very soon. So hopefully it will be fixed if it has not already been fixed. At least the developers take these concerns seriously and fix things that get broken.
  14. There are just so many new airdrops being created daily now. What would you say makes this one unique from all the others? I would love to know!
  15. ...i mean pfodo is very nice chater, he also never spam and his messages are always very meaningful...
  16. Interesting idea! I guess we'll all try and be extra nice today
  17. Very interesting ! )) nu my name of hope witness ))
  18. Никогда не видела и не верю, если увижу, может и поверю)
  19. I will go through every chatlog, but if anyone wants to suggest people here other than themselves, i will give them an extra look Found someone especially nice? Post the name
  20. Guess a number! Sounds easy right? It is! I will hand out 0.0016 BTC in total. There will be 20 lucky winners, each receiving 0.00008 BTC. How does it work? I have 40 numbers in mind. Pick a number from 1-40, along with 1 forumpost you have made up to 15 minutes PRIOR to your reply. I will be checking them manually. --> Before you post here, participate on the forum, and post your comment as part of your reply in this topic. Rules You need to have 10 forum posts to join this giveaway. Do not spam to get up to 10 messages if you are a new member/ Do not post spammy messages. 1 win per person, so please do not enter more than once. Goodluck!😃 Numbers in BOLD are already picked. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
  21. Do we need to write our name down here or will you really go through every chatlog :o?
  22. I thought it would be nice to see what happens when everyone tries to be extra nice in chat, so let's make a challenge out of that! Prices will be given out by the following criteria: Nice and constructive, non spammy, funny and/or interesting and/or helpful chat No alts talking on chat (at least) in that period Applying the usual chatrules I will review everyones chatlog during the period and use my personal judgment to select 32 winners and share the prices equally between them (0.0001 for each). Let's have some fun! \o/
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