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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
athena2007 athena2007 18/04/18 Good partner! always helps! Prospector Prospector
UltraChief UltraChief 17/04/18 Another easy trade w/ UltraBank -- had to ask for a little extra time on this one, thanks for making that simple and accommodating. jbenjaminy jbenjaminy
jbenjaminy jbenjaminy 17/04/18 Paid back 600k satoshi loan in one extension. UltraChief UltraChief
mgod mgod 17/04/18 Paid back a loan very late. UltraChief UltraChief
Prospector Prospector 16/04/18 all paid thanks athena2007 athena2007
eldrindcm eldrindcm 16/04/18 always on time thanks athena2007 athena2007
athena2007 athena2007 16/04/18 Always there when needed. Thanks! eldrindcm eldrindcm
Humbertin19uu Humbertin19uu 15/04/18 Loaned him 200k paid back promptly. lolgato lolgato
lolgato lolgato 15/04/18 good lender Humbertin19uu Humbertin19uu
sk3344 sk3344 10/04/18 Paid back a 400k loan in 3 extensions (which was due to his exams) UltraChief UltraChief
UltraChief UltraChief 10/04/18 thanks for such a nice deal and for the time you gave me due to my exams thanks for such a nice deal . sk3344 sk3344
UltraChief UltraChief 09/04/18 another easy & convenient loan from UltraBank (600k). awesome as always. tyvm! jbenjaminy jbenjaminy
jbenjaminy jbenjaminy 09/04/18 Paid back 600k satoshi loan in time. UltraChief UltraChief
CryptoDadlol CryptoDadlol 07/04/18 Easy and fast transfer.. thanks! Carollzinha Carollzinha
athena2007 athena2007 07/04/18 The best service for providing loans! Athena The best <3 bulbes bulbes
bulbes bulbes 06/04/18 bang on point bubles number 1 athena2007 athena2007
Carollzinha Carollzinha 04/04/18 Easy and fast as always! CryptoDadlol CryptoDadlol
CryptoDadlol CryptoDadlol 04/04/18 Fast transfer from PD to Stake Carollzinha Carollzinha
athena2007 athena2007 03/04/18 Nice service! Best on Prime! Prospector Prospector
athena2007 athena2007 03/04/18 Athena is the best! bulbes bulbes
Prospector Prospector 03/04/18 returnned loan on time thanks athena2007 athena2007
bulbes bulbes 03/04/18 all paid ty athena2007 athena2007
jbenjaminy jbenjaminy 01/04/18 Paid back 600k satoshi loan in time. UltraChief UltraChief
UltraChief UltraChief 01/04/18 Great, consistent trader. Thanks as always. jbenjaminy jbenjaminy
athena2007 athena2007 01/04/18 Athena will help in a difficult situation! thanks to Athena :) bulbes bulbes