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  2. Without any doubt i focus on bitcoin because its price raising in 2019-2020 was pretty good...the price rose up to almost 12k which so unbelievable but now it price go down again for some corona effect..but hope so it price will be high again
  3. I am keeping my btc now because someday btc price will be more high around 50k which can Make me rich...yes i am try to hold invest of btc for long term to guys...moreover i wanna work with my btc like create an exchange site...
  4. Yesterday
  5. tapi kelemahan kita apabila sudah memiliki balance tanpa sengaja membuka casino lalu main,setelah itu ada orang tanya ya saya bilang ini permainan hag* jadi orang tersebut tidak akan penasaran lagi.🤗
  6. saya rasa untuk daerah pelosok harus berhati hati juga karena apabila ada orang desa yang pulang kampung yang sebelumnya mencari nafkah di kota itu lebih di awasi gan,biasanya penyebabnya dari orang kota sudah terjangkit lalu pulang ke desa untuk istirahat karena di kota sudah di liburkan sementara.
  7. nah kesulitannya dari gagasan itu tadi karena kurangnya topik pembahasan (1game) membuat kita sendiri juga malas untuk post ataupun merangkai trhead yang baru.makanya membuat trhead di sini lebih susah dari pada di sebelah jadi trhead yang lama di biarkan terbuka tapi satoshi tidak akan dapet.
  8. memang mustahil gan tapi kalau menggunakan bot tidak akan mustahil tapi bb yang membuat saya keberatan kalau gak salah minim bb harus 10k,dengan cara seperti ini mungkin bisa dapet jackpot sekaligus wager banyak.
  9. benar gan,saya sendiri cenderung aktif di sebelah dari pada di sini karena seringnya ada bonusan makanya di sini hanya buat pelampiasan kekalahan atau hanya buang buang koin.
  10. maksud saya mengamati angka dice dan perkiraan filling untuk recover gan,jadi saat dice mulai menjauhi side red maka saya menyarankan untuk all in seperti mencari wager sekaligus profit.
  11. pindangnya di masak seperti apa gan karena saya suka dengan masakan olahan pindang sarden,tapi seperti yang saya lihat dari foto itu pindang pedas bumbu kuning.
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  13. There are many reasons for the rise in bitcoin, but always the bull race is the very influential stage in the price and many indicators change after it so we have to wait for this year until it ends and the new price stabilizes in addition to the high rate of demand for bitcoin and in all cases the high price is a good thing because I have to think bad about it
  14. The Ripple coin has a very low price and needs a lot of time to reach the bitcoin level, as it is affected by the bitcoin price, meaning that if the bitcoin price falls below the level of financial support, this means the disappearance of the Ripple coin
  15. Oh for this harsh lesson, it really hurts to feel this sadness and sadness that it is an example for all investors to preserve their currencies and deal more cautiously with this wealth.
  16. I take each vacation seriously and try to get all from it. In most of the cases I opt for the best hotel with high quality services and friendly staff. The hotel’s restaurant doesn’t raise any interest for me, thus I choose a luxurious restaurant with an ocean/sea or mountain view. Cultural part of the location never attracts me, because it takes a lot of the effort and energy to travel to different points.
  17. By monitoring the prices of cryptocurrencies we note that most of the currencies currently placed at the top after Bitcoin are Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash and Digicoin currency The future is bright for these currencies, especially Ethereum It is my favorite currency
  18. It is not safe to continue gambling in the case of pregnancy, as the psychological state greatly affects the fetus, and excess tension and nervousness may lead to harm to pregnancy.
  19. I like vegetables rich in fiber, like cucumbers and tomatoes.
  20. You should focus on protein from an animal source, such as chicken and fish, as well as vegetables and fruits that contain other nutrients.
  21. Yes, a lot of people go to the gym in my country, I have a lot of free time, so I decided to start going to the gym and follow a suitable program to increase muscle mass.
  22. Rest in peace. I can't believe this is very sad news
  23. I run for half an hour, playing rope exercises, push-ups, and sometimes soccer.
  24. Our current president is Mr. Bashar Al-Assad. There are many people who do not support him, but for me I love him very much and trust him.
  25. My friend, please explain better about this wallet and tell me its features. I am currently using a blockchain wallet which is famous and secure, allowing for smooth exchange and trading. I hope that it is better.
  26. All the ministers in the current government are hated for me, they all care about theft more than the people suffer from the high prices and the inability to live.
  27. It is impossible for the world to go without money, no one will do its job for free, and therefore all services will stop.
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