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  2. Well by first look only i had a doubt its fake ! Check yourself
  3. So sad sissy.what strat you used. Thats always happen to be even i already earn profit i did not atop thats y i get busted
  4. username: trisha22
  5. Try to avoid autoroll, as you will eventually hit a long red streak. Better roll manual then you can sometimes feel the long red streak according to the movement of the dice. However if you prefer to use auto, try using can set stop loss & reset levels to prevent total draw down.
  6. Username:jamelyn
  7. Username: ronaldo718
  8. Username: lolgato thanks for this
  9. hai thanks Edward username: dhanam40
  10. PD username - Morros
  11. it will be a good idea for poker players like me!
  12. I'll give it a shot ahaha. I'm terrible however
  13. Gl All 17,645,220,144 11.11 11.11 is winning?
  14. Gl username: firavan1
  15. goodluck guys,.and thanks for the giveaways @3mily
  16. Good Luck username: anan3169 ananinki
  17. username: TheFrog
  18. username BlackCat91 new user , but i reach 1btc wagered already : )
  19. Great Idea, I'm in , I love poker
  20. Username: Derciak
  21. welcome. have fun sis. more luck when gambling.
  22. Hey guys, i think most of gamblers like poker, so why shouldnt we create our way to play poker with other pd members? I can use the site Bluffave to create a PD community over there, and everyone will be able to play some We won't be playing for free ofcourse, there are other sites for it, i'd manage a bankroll for every user Every pd member would be able to join, and then add balance to his account by tipping me on PD, Lets say 102k satoshi would be 10$, (i'd take 2% of deposits) So minimum deposit there would be 10.2k for 1$ on the site, I'd create alot of rooms like max2 users, max6 etc, with random chips like 1$ and 2$ blinds, 0.10$ and 0.20$ blinds and so on.. Every user would be able to withdraw his money instantly, just message me how much to withdraw, and id take off money from his balance and tip him on pd his money. What do you guys think of this idea? I need only a few willing to start a thing ;D
  23. Thats Awesome thanks Username: mimoza1984 Goodluck mimoza1984
  24. username: badguy69
  25. username:hakaryusuf
  26. username: amanku thanks yay!!
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