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  2. 1,000,000 ETN giveaway on Kucoin

    It Sounds Interesting, to be participate must trade on ETN first? Please explain, Little confused.
  3. This is legit? Or skem? Or he just want us to be his refferal? I already have a discord account.
  4. 🎲 Roll with Altcoins

    Thank you, so now primedice just have bitcoin to play? But i think you should make alt coin to play here later sir.
  5. He needs referrals for different Discord servers.. So, just avoid it.
  6. Real Life Pictures!

    *crawls out of my pit* This is me. Nice to meet y'all!
  7. Sorry Guys I have realized this is is fake. Do not join to this one. If I cannot rease the thread maybe a mod could do it.
  8. 1,000,000 ETN giveaway on Kucoin

    Hmm this is interesting. How do you get placed on the ranking? You just have to trade a huge amount? Is the ranking based on the etn coin trading only or overall?
  9. Im dead curious to know about this too. @Edward tell us the story behind it And oh! Stake too pleasee
  10. Kuleguten Stream #30! Giveaways!

    GL! Stake and here: Mistletoe
  11. Today
  12. Bounty and airdrop at kamusta ang lahat

    Baka naman kaya lagi mo na nakikita kasi sinearch mo sya dati? Ganyan kasi minsan si google eh papakita madalas pag once sinearch mo
  13. 1m within just 10 days! :0 I bet youll get 3m by the end of this! imagine if you do this for 1 whole year
  14. Kuleguten Stream #30! Giveaways!

    hello and gl, my username on stake is: Lolboysgaming1
  15. @lupandina poloniex was my first choice too for exchange. But i cant seem to verify my account there and I never bothered contacting the cs as i have heard they never respond back well at least now i know it takes about 4 months. Good to know theres still some life forms going on in there i like binance for the friendly user interface too and because they have app unlike many other exchange site. Ez to use and their support responded to me literally after 10 mins of my email. However, the site is fairly new so im not expecting it to be as secured as the old ones..
  16. Kuleguten Stream #30! Giveaways!

    Good Luck Kule! Stake name: Winner8 primedice: Exchanger8
  17. The Best eWallet for Online Casinos

    its a good idea to take a look at some of the most popular options available today.
  18. I know this is not an article specific about cryptos and it's a sponsored one but still I found some interesting things in this read. I'm not aware of the gambling world outside the crypto websites, i don't know how things really work on traditional online casinos so I find some wallets that i wasn't aware of. The other point (most important) is to see how even in a non-crypto related post they start to speak about Bitcoin and how they present it as the "newest trend among players in the online gaming industry is utilizing the anonymity and resultant safety offered by a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin" or "Bitcoin makes it easier and safer to deposit and withdraw funds compared to other payment methods" Source : https://themerkle.com/the-best-ewallet-for-online-casinos/
  19. Last letter game

  20. Fair-dice.com - new multi-cryptos dice game

    I shall check it!
  21. When the more wealthy people start to invest big bucks in crypto, i tend to believe it's a good sign. They know how to make money (they are wealthy at the first place) and more of them will come in the crypto market, more legitimate this one will be. Alan Howard is not only a billionaire, he's also at the head of a large Hedge Fund. He started to invest some personnal funds last year but seem confident enough in the blockchain technology to invest more in it in the next few months. What is good to see (for us) is thta he go against the tendency of "high" investors like Warren Buffet & Co who don't trust cryptos. Only time will tell who was right on this one Source : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-14/billionaire-alan-howard-is-said-to-make-bet-on-cryptocurrencies
  22. Kuleguten Stream #30! Giveaways!

    Good Luck Kule
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