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  2. 0.015BTC Giveaway

    0.015BTC Giveaway join the site btc run on this link: https://btc-run.com/en/register/Gennady12 and post the link from your account and write the biggest x you got here, the guys who have the biggest x win: 1. 0.008BTC 2. 0.005BTC 3. 0.002BTC Giveaway end on 25.12.2017
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  4. Hello Dear Friends and Brothers

    I'm sorry for your situation, but this forum is not the appropriate place to ask for donations. Consider starting some kind of crowdfunding campaign and getting in touch with local media to try to get your story out to a broader audience.
  5. Stake Forum I am not sure if most of you are already signed up there or not but it's definitely a must. If you don't know already, stake is like the small brother of primedice with a lot of gamemodes and a lot of different people as well. Their forum features the pay per post which is a thing here too! There are a lot of different kind of people there so I'ld love to see it grow even more and to bring some primedice "oldies" over to stake. Currently there is one ongoing giveaway with the gamemode keno over there. With a 0.1 prizepool. So come on over and sign up for stake's forum site! I'ld appreciate it if you could sign up with my ref link cause there is a giveaway including the refs of a user. https://forum.stake.com/refer/386/ https://forum.stake.com
  6. I'd use it if it supports EURO/(ALT) exchanges. But anyways it would be an awesome feature!!! I vote 10 billion times yes!
  7. Primedice 2017 Awards

    Thank you for this! Most loveable Primedicer: @athena2007 Funniest Primdice: @Robear Favorite Primedice forum poster: @CaptainLorca Favorite Primedice chat user: @MrNice23 Most intelligent Primedicer: @nytewind Most influential Primedicer: @Mistletoe Best Primedice moderator: @Kristoffff Funniest Primedice support member: @Bojana Favorite Primedice support member: @Bojana Favorite Primedice admin: @Dan Good luck and it might be soon but I wish you a happy new year already!!!
  8. Hello dear friend and brotherships. My name is Sultanseid i'm 32years old and i'm from Qatar but now living in London. i'm not dicer and i'm never play gamble games. I'm private driver my salary is 8000$ Dear friends and brothers i have one big problem i have only brother and he is my dad and mom. Now he is a very difficult state guys I write this message to anyone help me with financial side please if you can. I reached all my money but its not enough the doctors said for operation need 150.000$ now i have only 105.450$ i asked all of my friend relatives but need again 45000$. guys if anybody can please help me i will absoluly payback who will give me thank you much if somebody help me i will soo happy and my brother too Thanks again my BTC adress: 1PNZxPYcuk3DAwiNkzpVW6Qa4jtuobSENG
  9. Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    Haha, now I know why you've always been such a badass dude.
  10. Mining is not profitable?

    trust me from what have heard, your internet is cheat and fast, unlike my country. but electricity here is not a problem, i will bypass it, i only need the mining rip and internet
  11. Is this our chance to change the world?

    Yep, let's make the world a better place for our kids by educating our kids correctly.
  12. copy copy, kindly post your strategy let me also copy you! i need to win before Xmas
  13. Greed Control (Notebook Daily monitoring)

    Dayumn, that loss streak!
  14. let me set a reminder @Edward please not everybody can afford to pay bitcoin high fee at the moment, i feel it's time to give the average players the chance to be on high roller please give us an alternative cryptocurrency to use on PD
  15. What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?

    the law of demand and supply will come to play,if all btc coin has been mined! the price will even go up more
  16. Electroneum CPU Mining

    are we going to insert the graphics card into our computer or laptop? or will it graphics card be like a usd drive?
  17. Is this still a thing? Took a quick look at shapeshift.io and it looks interesting to me. How would you implement it or haven‘t you spend any further thoughts? and a poll is a good idea, like one2ten mentioned. I think the community would appreciate a function like this.
  18. if you read the comments you will see it that we have been pleading with PD to add another currency for players to receive their deposit on time, then they can exchange it to bitcoin on PD.
  19. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    well detailed mate, no person in his/her right frame of mind would want bitcoin to crash
  20. Cremation vs. burial

    you only pay for the available space, and the next person will pay for the available space, and cremation is crippy,you cremate a cadaver and spread the ashes on the ocean for fishes to feed on,you then go fishing for those fish for consumption.
  21. Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    have busted 30k satoshi so far and am yet to hit any.. this is serious
  22. Adding eth in pd

    Locking; altcoin support has been discussed many times before by other posters and Edward, feel free to see where that went (unfortunately, it never really went anywhere):
  23. Primedice 2017 Awards

    you didn't include serlite??
  24. Just a little entity bug

    This happens inconsistently for me. It'd be nice if they could look into it but I doubt it's high on the devs' priority list...
  25. Pag tapus ng pasko bitcoin bababa?

    normal minsan sa atin na bumababa at tumataas pero ngayon baba ang price maliit lang mas lalo pa tumataas laking pasasalamat ko naka pagipon ako kahit papaano may tubo ako hehehehe
  26. Tips and Suggestions

    ganon po sir maganda di pa ako nag alt coin wala pa akong alam diyan papaano ba sumali diyan para maka invest na po ako
  27. unang sweldo sa bitcointalk campaign

    paunahan lang ang kaylangan para magkaroon ng campaign kapag mabagal ka tiyak wala kang campaign ganon lang kasimple basta lagi ka updatedi ka mawawalan ng campaign ehhhehe
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