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  2. News about Dash cryptocurrency

    Implementing Dash in the IT sector in Serbia. Blockchain conference in Kiev. Release #83 Please, turn on the English subtitles in the video settings.
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  4. I get paid Monday and will pay back 2x the lended amount. I'm sure most know me in chat and know I pay back what I owe. Thanks! Ty this loan has been sent, I'll be updating this thread on Thursday Oct 19th If somebody can please! Thanks again Primedice:1BTCbank
  5. Домашние питомцы.

    А вот и наш Жучара))) спать не дает, но что то вроде как начинает понимать что ночью спать надо но пока не совсем))) надеюсь дальше будет по спокойней
  6. Looking for a 0.01BTC loan for 7 days

    Any collateral ?
  7. Looking for .005 for 48 hours

    Ty for your kindness!
  8. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    Good to here that, sir! Well, it’s really good not to see those spammy people anymore
  9. Yesterday
  10. ШОК

    Дальше можно и не пыжиться - я уже в шоке ))
  11. Looking for .005 for 48 hours

    jenFromCA loan was paid back exactly on time not a minute later ....ty athena
  12. I'm still here daily, I have just been so incredibly busy building some cool new features, that I haven't been able to post much new content. I think with the spam gone, i already like this community much more. I have some awesome new creations in the pipeline that I can;t wait to release
  13. How to cope up with Depression?

    When you are depressed ,the best thing to do is taking the situation you find yourself into as a normal case that can happen to a human being.Secondly try to create jocks and don't be isolated with your situation.In so doing,you may find an intersted topic in the misd of a discussion that will alleviate that anxiety and fear in you.
  14. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    I'm still here... read through the current topics ... but so far I haven't seen much where I felt the urge to contribute to be honest... This might be because of a general decrease of topics overall... that includes the sections where there were never any PPP in the first place...
  15. Looking for a 0.01BTC loan for 7 days

    Hey everyone, I'm currently seeking a 0.01BTC loan (or higher) for 7 days - I have a great track record here for loan paybacks on time and I'm pretty well known on PD. I'm also a vendor on LBC with close to 100BTC traded, so i'm constantly getting BTC in. I need the loan to keep my finances separate from my normal operations as its for leisure. I don't mind paying a percentage on it as long as its mutually fair. Let me know if anyone is able to fill this. Not sure how long I'll need this for, but for now it's active. Thanks everyone!
  16. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    I'm stuck with my exams (4th long and final). DX So wasn't that active but I do come everyday. (no new threads anyway) This is my fav forum. Sad to see it dying. Hope peoples will come back.(Bitcointalk is way too crowded.)
  17. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    Here is the reason why the forum dies.
  18. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    i always here just reading more news and comment
  19. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    I really really would like to add more content, useful and/or interesting one. Simply I don´t have enough time for everything. I don´t forget this wonderful forum. Will try to make some addition this week.
  20. ШОК

    До 6к чутка не хватило,но думаю скоро должен перевалить курс в 6к$ .
  21. Кто каким банком пользуется

    Прайм всегда тут, смысла нету блокчейном или чем то пользоваться, комиссия на прайме маленькая, саты летают быстро, никогда саты не пропадали за полтора года
  22. Last week
  23. Как поднять первые 100к

    Зачастую мы не знаем о каких то игроках даже из нашего чата) они просто крутят не обращая внимания на чат) и периодически вылазят в чат совсем незнакомые випы) так что я не стал бы спорить о том что в ру чате нет битка на балансе игроков)
  24. loan requested .006

    It's getting tough for you memek. Hope youll get all your money back.
  25. Twitter

    I just made my first account! Lols Anybody else on Twitter?
  26. Need a Loan - 0.01

    @Morros Just a reminder. I expect all loans to be paid back within 30 days from the date its given. So, you need to pay me back before 22 October 2017. Thanks.
  27. В Китае снова говорят о государственной криптовалюте https://bits.media/news/v-kitae-snova-govoryat-o-gosudarstvennoy-kriptovalyute/ После SegWit: Bitcoin Core работает над объединением подписей https://bits.media/news/posle-segwit-bitcoin-core-rabotaet-nad-obedineniem-podpisey/ Шведские власти впервые взыскали долг в биткоинах https://bits.media/news/shvedskie-vlasti-vpervye-vzyskali-dolg-v-bitkoinakh/ Южнокорейское криптовалютное сообщество выступает против SegWit2x https://bits.media/news/yuzhnokoreyskoe-kriptovalyutnoe-soobshchestvo-vystupaet-protiv-segwit2x/ В Ленинградской области планируется создать технопарк для майнеров https://bits.media/news/v-leningradskoy-oblasti-planiruetsya-sozdat-tekhnopark-dlya-maynerov/ Создание TinCoin откладывается до легализации криптовалют в России https://bits.media/news/sozdanie-tincoin-otkladyvaetsya-do-legalizatsii-kriptovalyut-v-rossii/ Blockchain.com разъяснил позицию по SegWit2x и добавил поддержку Bitcoin Cash https://bits.media/news/blockchain-com-razyasnil-pozitsiyu-po-segwit2x-i-dobavil-podderzhku-bitcoin-cash/ Правительство РФ запретит снимать наличные с анонимных счетов https://bits.media/news/pravitelstvo-rf-zapretit-snimat-nalichnye-s-anonimnykh-schetov/ Биткоин снова стоит дороже всех остальных криптовалют https://bits.media/news/bitkoin-snova-stoit-dorozhe-vsekh-ostalnykh-kriptovalyut/ О «списке неугодных» администраторам Bitcoin.org участников SegWit2x https://bits.media/news/o-spiske-neugodnykh-administratoram-bitcoin-org-uchastnikov-segwit2x/ Соцсеть Akasha на Эфириуме запустит бета-версию до середины ноября https://bits.media/news/sotsset-akasha-na-efiriume-zapustit-beta-versiyu-do-serediny-noyabrya/
  28. Как поднять первые 100к

    Могу спорить, что у всего русского чата в сумме на балансе меньше битка))
  29. Chat Rules elaborated

    Thank you bojana ) Good luck
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