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  2. I think so of the value of currency will go down and if they will shut down it.
  3. I think i believe on this thing because it helps a lot of people nowadays because there are a lot of people who doesnt have a job. So, a lot of families will have a money from this.
  4. Morana


    Uhmmmm, Electrum's pretty good. They have even enabled Lightning payments now.
  5. I'll accept traditional way, because cryptos in the can lost the value in the future
  6. I dont think so yet because im newbie to it
  7. Today
  8. I hope that bitcoin will exist for a long time.
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  14. what are the good things primedice has helped you with ???
  15. I accept it but i dont want to forgot about traditional way
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  17. When its value is going down,because people rather keep it untill its value goes up
  18. Bitcoin investments will make your money increase if its have good trading
  19. Ameey


    Wallet is where you put money ,ids at receipts either,
  20. Bitcoin is more famous than ripple i guess
  21. Yes i believe in bitcoin and it is usefull nowadays
  22. Because many advertisement seen online that people see ,about trading in cryptocurrency
  23. I think its because of stock market is at risk-on and off
  24. Maybe it has low trasaction fees compare to other crypto
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  26. I think its up to 100000$
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