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Official giveaways and promotions brought to you by the Primedice team.

Promotion Rules
  • One entry per household.
  • You must not hide bets from the public.
  • Bets must be made after the commencement of a giveaway.
  • Users with warning points for alts should not participate until their warning points expire/are removed, and they will not be credited.
  •  It is necessary to link bet IDs for the challenges, screenshots cannot be the only proof of participation in the given challenge.
  • Linked forum account has to be the same as bet account. (the account on which you placed the winning giveaway bet)
  • TIER challenges will be done once a month and if you participate in them, "Hide bets from the public" will have to be disabled during the whole week and bet(s) will have to be posted as soon as the challenge requirements are fulfilled. Saving bets to post them on the last day will disqualify you.


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    Archive of all past Official promotions.


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  1. Locks Jun 12, 2023   [$800] PD Weekly Heroes Wk57 1 2 3 4 7

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